We have established an international network of associates within a fully professional and reliable environment, enabling us to attract foreign investors.

With a vision in contributing to the recovery of tourist activity in Greece, our team in Hotel Brokers have exquisite knowledge on that particular field that, together with their continuous international contacts and collaborations, creates the best conditions for the successful promotion of hotels and areas of touristic interest by the sea.
For the best achievement of our goals, we cooperate with companies that are specialized in the field of touristic land developments and hotels groups at an international level. The response of the foreign hotel groups and touristic companies has been positive concerning the development, cooperation, management and collaboration of high standard.
We have expanded our range of real estate promotion, while establishing our presence specifically in the Arab countries.
Our company’s  efforts   for the coming years are to approach important international hotel groups that have not yet been involved in the Greek market. Greece after all is a country that attracts international investment companies, especially those in the field of touristic services.       
 Agents in: 
  Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Qatar – Lebanon