Since 1998, our company, JEM INTERNATIONAL has been involved in the Real Estate market and has established important connections and collaborations in the field of investment and commerce, dealing for sale, leasing, rentals, marketing and management of high value Commercial & Residential Properties.

HOTEL BROKERS (HB) specializes in the promotion of hotels and touristic areas which are of interest.
Among the services that our company provides, the department of REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT – DEVELOPMENT and INVESTMENT stands out.
The two companies, HB and JEM INTERNATIONAL, are affiliate and their aim is to provide services of top quality to our respectable clients.
They have been founded by a team of professionals that have an excellent understanding of the modern real estate market.


Based on international market research, we firmly believe that we can offer a new form of organization in the field of Real Estate, concerning real estate promotion through a wide variety of complete services and activities aimed to meet the demands of the domestic and international market investors. To this end, we have already established a network of representatives around Greece and abroad in order to attract investors.

Innovation is the key to every area of our business and our success and reputation have been built on always exceeding our clients' expectations.

Our success is based, not only on our efficient and professional services, but also on our expertise and the wide range of knowledge we possess around the real estate market. 

The combination of providing both services of high quality and specialized support under the most reasonable terms ensures our success in every transaction.