Greek private islands, even a hidden "treasure», the ultimate status symbol  

The island is ideal as a luxury private retreat or for a tourist development, suitable for the development of a private villa (cottage or permanent residence).Αn ideal place for calm and unique natural living conditions in combination with the modern conception of a comfortable residence. 
Two other islands are proceeding with tourism investment plans.Besides the self-evident the tourist exploitation because of their location some of the islands are suitable for investments in Renewable Energy Sources.
In Greece there are about 2,000 islands of which only the 200 are inhabited. Many of them are privately owned, found mainly in the Ionian Sea and the Aegean-less and have a great variety of characteristics. The farm until recently was virtually impossible because the current law was very strict and completely prohibited the sale to foreign owners - which, however, expired in 2003.Since then, created a whole new market "affordable" product as an average cost of an island is estimated at 1.5 million and reach up to 15 million euros. 
More than 60 private Greek islands are reportedly on sale across the country, drawing the interest of domestic and foreign investors as well as international tourism groups. The owners of those small islands have realized the assets they have in hand and are rushing to make the most of them. The investors interested in buying any of those islands have to be particularly careful about the title deeds and the certificates required. Most islands on sale come with complete sets of documents.
Τhe main thing is for an island to have the certificates required so that it can be transferred. These certificates take up to 12 months to be issued, since many authorities, including the ministries of defense, environment and culture, are involved. For an island to be sold, it must have a certificate by the Archaeological Agency confirming it does not have any antiquities and another from the Forest Authority saying it doesn’t hold any land characterized as forest. An island on sale also requires a certificate by the National Defense and Merchant Marine ministries (through the navy) that it has no national security commitments, or if the area is protected by the Natura 2000 program of the European Union. 
Setting a price
The price of each island on sale depends on many factors. The closer an island is to the shore, the more its price rises as this facilitates access to it. No private island has infrastructures, such as connection with utility networks (electricity, water, telephone) so it is important that it is close to the shore. Other factors are, whether an island has water underground and the quality of its beaches and harbors so that it is accessible by boat.